Camas Waves

Camas spreads in lilac waves
beside a slack tide sea;
seals fish along the rocks,
gulls plaint their echoing calls,
songbirds sing from the thorny brush.
Snow covered peaks rise in the distance,
the sky pale blue with white clouds
barely moving in a windless sky.
Divining the peace in my heart
most of me lies below the water line
in the depth that silence brings;
part rests above in the high branches,
still as an eagle looking over the beauty
of this green island home.




















Reading of “Camas Waves” with music by Maryliz Smith


7 Responses to “Camas Waves”

  1. Jim O’Malley says:

    Of all the poems I’ve read this one I believe feels like the essence of you

  2. Jean Berman says:


  3. Steve says:

    It feels as though you were in a very peaceful and reflective space in those moments. Beautiful Don! I felt transported to that beautiful scene. Thank you.

  4. Veronica Lim says:

    Thank you for this delightful expression of summer’s peace and beauty in a suspended moment in time and space. Lovely.

  5. Edward Haimes says:

    All rooted in joy. Thank you, Don.

  6. PenDell Pittman says:

    An Edenic vista — nothing less, to be sure — when beheld through the uplifted eyes of an undaunted beholder like you … Thank You, Don.

  7. Tom Figel says:

    Don, you can’t fool us. There’s still some New Yorker lurking below that water line. We all like what you show up above.

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