Your Story

Your story rests within the earth
old and unending,
rising from the deep forest
on gnarled and twisted roots
to the lifting trunk
and furthest branches.
A story of one life
with all its suffering
and struggle to renew,
year upon year, ring after ring,
yielding finally to the authentic,
becoming exactly who you are
with your story released
into the blue and open sky.




8 Responses to “Your Story”

  1. Gene Latimer says:

    Beautiful. Written by an elder!

  2. I am reminded of John Denver’s song, about rivers and trees and how one river is all rivers. One story is all stories, one tree all trees. All seems contained with in the one mind of All that is. Attuning to that one mind as you remind us is following the grain.

  3. Pichay says:

    I love how inspiration expands through your generosity of spirit.

  4. Sandy Jensen says:

    Extended “Tree of Life” metaphor–bravo!

  5. David Banner says:

    Yielding finally to the grain authentic….that is the key to happiness!

  6. Katherine O,,,Neill says:

    I can’t believe how your words speak to me when I need them. Guess that is what connected me with you way back.
    This morning in meditation I was reflecting on my long life and that these years now encourage me tosee how well my “tree” was nurtured and tended. I am experiencing the release of my story with confidence and clarity. Your image is true for me today.

  7. Keith Fairmont says:

    What a gift to be alive, standing tall, rooted in the earth, reaching to the heavens. How amazing is the mother — able to allow the roots to enter deep enough to hold the marvelous vessel upright, just the way it is.
    Thanks Don for your gift and reminder to embrace the world just the way it is!

  8. Bill Dare says:

    Ahhh… your metaphor breaths oxygen into the story of my life, Brother. Thank you.

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