Wings to the Sky

Wings to the sky, a sea bird
heads out across the water,
such faith in a feather
lifting above the wind stirred sea,
the tiny ever beating heart
yearning for what may be found
on the far and undiscovered shore.



7 Responses to “Wings to the Sky”

  1. Pichay says:

    Thank you Don. For those who detail the beauty of Nature in observation, birdlife is a marvel! They are the Top Gun pilots
    bar none. Pick a species….any species.

  2. Bill Dare says:

    Sweet! Thanks, Brother.

  3. Steve Goetz says:

    A remarkably few words convey a vivid image. Takes me back to summers during college crewing great lakes freighters. The gulls gliding along side the ship, just a few feet away, hoping for a hand out.

  4. Janice Miles says:

    Thank you for your wonderful words. Nature and her wing friends teach us the beauty and the acceptance of what is. Your words remind me to be thankful for the lessons given naturally from all that surrounds me.

  5. Faith in a feather
    Following my Spirit
    Creates substance that takes me to the undiscovered shore.

  6. maria says:

    With adroit economy you find a way to reveal how power starts with the small and simple.

  7. Francine Ladd says:

    Love discovering the New. Life offers a banquet feast day after day when we explore new possibilities leaving behind outdated ways that no longer fit; the magic of flight whether in our hearts or on a feather, I welcome the new and its challenges, yes, day after day…

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