Dark Green Solitude

Winter sun lights the valley.
Along the coast a flood of rivers,
swollen bays, log-choked coves,
melting snow and full moon tides.
At rest in the quiet
without hunger or thirst,
the land teaches silence is enough
and a rivulet of the undisturbed
from dark green solitude
will nourish the earth.



photograph by sandybrownjensen.com


















Reading of “Dark Green Solitude” with music by Adele


5 Responses to “Dark Green Solitude”

  1. Steve Frankel says:

    You took me there, Don. That place, that atmosphere.
    And the key word for me was the simple and direct, “will.” …not may nourish the earth, or perhaps someday will – but the truth that the rivers do run deep – and yes, they nourish. Thank-you.

  2. Tom Figel says:

    Don, this time, Nancy and I listened to the reading and also read what you wrote. “Full moon tides” is especially nice, a memory of the moonlight on Lake Michigan so many Chicago nights. Thank you.

  3. Dark Green Solitude-Don, We share the same landscape – seascape. I often paint the San Juan Islands. Your poem brought to mind the flooded Nisqually River. Logs crashing in the surf after a storm on Whidbey Island. Your poetry helps me to consider my own art more deeply. Green solitude will be tacked to my studio wall for a long time. Thank you for inspiring me.

  4. David Banner says:

    Silence is OFTEN enough!

  5. David Barnes says:

    “a rivulet from the undisturbed” — what a gorgeous image. Would that I am such a rivulet of living water. It is a blessing that your poem brings such nourishment to all of us. I am ever grateful Don.

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