Forgotten Temple

And so we gather in winter dark
lattice strong with sacred life
as earth drums sound
the heartbeat of creation.
Pulse to pulse
we move in ritual,
tracing out ancient footings.
We set round pillars
to bear the world’s sorrow
and roof beams
composed of praise.
Mighty the forgotten temple
that holds the prayers
of heaven’s legion,
holy the gathered people
who honor the Maker
of hummingbird and tree.




photograph by Moira McRae

















Reading of “Forgotten Temple” with music by Bill Evans.









11 Responses to “Forgotten Temple”

  1. Gorgeous, Don — thank you. And thanks to the Maker of hummingbird and tree for giving us a reason to build a temple…

  2. A ritual poem is its own special genre and one I feel I haven’t seen in a longtime. It hits that Druidic bell inside and calls us to the council.

  3. Rose Meeker says:

    I agree with Lloyd and Sandy – this is a powerful piece, striking the Druidic bell inside, resonating with the meaning of ancient ritual. Thank you.

  4. Tom Figel says:

    Don, you articulate in beauty a reason for gratitude. Thank you for sharing your talent each Sunday. Fourteen years already? As for the offer of a book, we are buyers. You remind me that my supply of The Irish Girl has dwindled, probably borrowed and then put in some friend’s law library for the sake of a good impression on the committees who screen candidates for recognition.

  5. Kaia True says:

    One of my favorites Don…🥰
    “lattice strong with sacred life”… yummy

  6. Jude Blitz says:

    The drums re-awake me too, to the “all that is” and its always being
    our surround that we’re, in these moments, a sufficient joyous flickering.

  7. Chris Dalengas says:

    “The maker of hummingbird and tree”…….nice.

  8. PenDell Pittman says:

    I’ve dreamed of Druids, “Knowers of the Oak Tree”, who see themselves fulfilling the prayers of Heaven’s Legion of thousands: By Being the Temple once-forgotten, mightily gathering those who honor the Maker here & now. Good Glory Day! It’s High Time for That Dream to Awaken!

  9. Carol Amey says:

    Thank you Don. Words in and of the temple of the living God.

  10. Maria Frid says:

    The long line of those who love the Maker of hummingbirds, trees and other beings is long and continuous, never a day goes by that a deep breath of thanksgiving is released in blessing…………thank you for your beautiful expression!

  11. Edward Haimes says:

    Beautiful, Don. Going deep into the heart of Mother Earth revealing the heartbeat of Creation. I shall meet you there.

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