The Lion Waits

The lion in me waits
hungry for unseen light,
gnawing on the hollow bone
of dreams, gathering strength
from a river beneath the earth.



8 Responses to “The Lion Waits”

  1. Bill Dare says:

    Great simile… love the imagery also. I can feel the rumbling roar growing in your lion’s throat.

  2. I passionately relate to this lion as I wait for new, clear direction from light. “Chomping at the bit”, we used to say. Pawing the ground, I say, “Gimme the word!” Riverheart says, “Patience, we’re almost there”. I sigh, toss out the old bones, and take the dogs for a walk while laughing at myself.

  3. Pichay says:

    I agree with Elizabeth’s response. I would add a note of caution about tossing out old bones…for myself, anyway. They are all I have to walk the dogs with!

    I say, transmute the old bones with fresh nutrients of expanded love and insight. Some cells will die, some will remain as elder wisdom.

    Thai communities are suffering loss as the current elders are the first to succomb to new world toxicities of refined foods, esp. sodium and sugar, esp. alcohol….leaving families and communities threadbare of model and wisdom. Few families are intact. I am fortunate to have married into the latter, though a few of their offspring tend toward drink. I come to give them authentic friendship and model upright manhood.

    Even as I endeavour to walk the Buddha Way myself, some cells must die, some must remain as elder wisdom.

  4. Ted Black says:

    Dear Don…… I am reminded of Auden’s image in “The Wanderer”: “Save him from hostile capture, / From sudden tiger’s leap at corner.” I am learning to appreciate the waiting beast and am eager to learn from his abrupt emergence. Let the river feed him. Thank you………Ted

  5. Nancy Rose Meeker says:

    Very potent.

  6. Marco says:

    My lion is glad to have met yours. All this waiting and gnawing could get to one … if not for a friend’s poems …

  7. Xavier Coleman says:

    I used to fear lion as I walked in the woods. It came to be one with me on a walk some time ago. Now I walk the trails in peace. The spirit of the lion is alive and active here. Aho!

  8. Aryeh Yosef says:

    I have come to the understanding my name Aryeh means lion and also the nickname given to Judah.Do you have any opportunities I can pounce on to create a mitzah.

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