Tear Another Page

There’s light in the distance
where water shines
though the island lies under gray clouds
beside a gunmetal sea.
I don’t show up for parties or funerals,
keep to myself in the druid forest
weaving word spells.
Years past the story goes
we fell under the wings of a dark angel,
so long ago we can’t remember
original color or the taste of freedom.
“You best be still and accept your fate”
the elders told me, while by my eyes
they knew I wasn’t a believer.
Most of them are dead and buried
while I keep dodging bullets.
Silently I move from word to word,
runes carved and lit with fire
to melt the bonds of the sleeping.
Awake in the greenwood
I tear another page from the Book of Life
and feed it to the wind.























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13 Responses to “Tear Another Page”

  1. David Barnes says:

    Absolutely riveting Don, glorious, spellbinding in the mystical manner and gesture that breaks the spell in all whom are able to receive into themselves these fiery words, flowing week after week from the Arch-Druid in the greenwood. I am with you in the greenery, moving from Word to word. Torn from the page, this poem begins a volume that is quite, quite new

  2. To melt the bonds of the sleeping…that is our purpose……

  3. Jamail McKinney says:

    Hello Don: This is living in beauty and knowing it, for it surrounds us daily. Keep in that space and let others know it and feel it. Best wishes for a very long life ahead.

  4. Veronica Lim says:

    The lack of a surround of music seems appropriate for your words today, as if they need to stand starkly alone, unadorned, a keen blade so strong it plunges unhindered into the stone of resistance.

  5. Eric Dunn says:

    So beautiful!

  6. Gloria says:

    “Silently from word to word” weaving and casting the tapestry of life…🙏❤️

  7. William K Elbring says:

    Another lovely offering. This one has a mystical quality that evokes deep thought from me. I read it as an elders hymn to life.

  8. Geoff Tisch says:

    Opening a crack to let the son’s light in is a step. Letting the sun ☀ light out is greater.

  9. PenDell Pittman says:

    At first sight of the large title font, “Tear Another Page”, my inner Ear “saw” words from Above, “HEAR Another Page”. (See what I’m sayin’?)

    Albeit I may nod, smilingly yet distantly, to any “elder” self-conceptions ghosting my now fictional past, I feel such revival in turning a new page — one with depths of Reality born in the eternal Present Moment (Ours).

    What a blessed habitation timelessly awaits, outlasting anything past.

  10. Sandy Brown Jensen says:

    I love it! This is a psychological landscape so many people share. You’re finding those deep archetypes like “dark Angel” that bypass the conscious mind and strum those cello strings.

    I did pause at the word “beside” in:

    There’s light in the distance
    where water shines
    though the island lies under gray clouds
    beside a gunmetal sea.

    You have four prepositional phrases in a row there, but when you peel those back to the core sentence, you get “There’s light…beside a sea.”
    Which doesn’t ring exactly right to me.

    But a fine poem that jumps deftly from rock to rock across the stream to the successful dismount.
    I was happy to read this as it describes an interior landscape not my own but vividly evoked.

  11. Mike McCauley says:

    Thanks for this one, Don. It hit a spot.

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