We Look through Glass

(for Linda)


I find you as I look through the clog of wires

to the hummingbird in the plum tree,

beyond the thrum of motor

to children’s voices from the church;

where people feel abundance

there seems such deprivation

yet also the sweetness of home,

the beauty in your eyes

and the way we look through glass,

your image delicate and passing,

stronger than death.



3 Responses to “We Look through Glass”

  1. Is it not so true- those who have passed to pure light are everywhere there is beauty and little things and ways they looked with the light behind them are still with us as we live to join them once again. The images live on in the greatness of small things. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Sandy Jensen says:

    That’s a complicated image that you have accomplished–through the wires to the nest and back to the window glass. I question whether the plural “images” makes sense? I couldn’t quite work that out, but I certainly enjoyed the tone of quiet certitude that came through. You’re making something complex look easy, which takes some real mastery!

  3. admin says:

    I was thinking of my wife’s sculptural images but it is more coherent in the singular, plays back to her. I’ve made the change. Thank you!

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