House of Being

The sound of wind through the trees
in a soft rushing wave
awakens the forest
in the bright light of morning.
The tide travels back
filling the coves and beaches,
refreshing the creatures
that cling to the rocks
and in burrows below the sand.
Do you hear the calling,
how silence beckons
with the wind its emissary?
The sea stretches far,
your eyes blessed by the distance,
the wholeness of life present
with invisible touch.
You recall the architecture
unsullied by confusion,
the house of being
broad in foundation,
graceful as it reaches to the sky.
Entering under open porticoes
we return as if we never left
and from the great hall
the sounds of music and laughter.
Joy is the treasure, free for the living;
enveloped by that mantle
we walk in the light.




photograph by Rebecca Hynes























Reading of “House of Being” with music by Diane Arkenstone


6 Responses to “House of Being”

  1. Tom Figel says:

    Don, there are wonderful expressions in this poem this morning; e.g. “house of being”, and “your eyes blessed by the distance”. How strong! I also picture some of our unnamed acquaintances clinging to rocks in burrows below the sand.

  2. Gloria says:

    Clearly where we live
    Never leaving that space
    Hand in hand

    Thank you❤️

  3. Stan Grindstaff says:

    Singing sibilants sound magic!

  4. Thomas says:

    Beautiful and moving imagery Don, with word-crafting to light a smile.

  5. Mike McCauley says:

    Beautiful, thoughtful poem, Don. For me, your verse elicited the exhilaration of returning to the light and the fullness of being after being in a dark place. With full resolve to do our best to cherish “the sounds of music & laughter” and view “Joy as a treasure.” Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Chris W Dalengas says:

    Don, Very nice! I enjoyed this.

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