Fool for April

The sound of gulls,
of raven, crow and nesting geese
in their morning cloche…
then silence.
Silence like gravity
holding the earth
with the weight of time.
Silence the currency
of the guardians,
opening vision
to wind on the water,
the hunger for light.
Silence in the writing
of invisible touch,
erased then scored again
on the sea and sky
in the calligraphy
of the eternal.
Few may be who read
the manuscripts
yet the writing continues,
etched with heaven’s desire
for earth to come free
of winter’s veil.























Reading of “Fool for April” with music by the Velvet Underground


7 Responses to “Fool for April”

  1. Ron says:

    Thank You Don

  2. Lawrence Kiser says:

    Thanks Don, I love the depth of this poem, etched in the sands of time, repeated again and again in the earth and sky, yet that which never changes is constant in its revealing of love until we lift the winter coating and realize our spring is all around us.

  3. Tom Figel says:

    Don, at seeing the title, I thought you had written about one or another of our litigious friends and wondered “why only April”? But then, I enjoyed the poem and its flow to the wresting of spring from winter. Thank you.

  4. Don & Sharon Young says:

    Sharon & I really enjoyed this writing.

  5. Veronica Lim says:

    Happy Spring, Don! New and magical things come up so unexpectedly.

    This week I observed 8 pelicans work together in a perfectly synchronized circle to catch fish, all facing inwards, diving together, coming up together—nature’s ballet!

  6. Susan Bennett says:

    And its you who have been reading these manuscripts.. grateful for the reminders and the deep abiding connection to what truly supports spirit

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