We May Rise

The tree that grew on the hills above Jerusalem
was cousin to the juniper growing here
on this rock shelf above the Salish Sea.
Stately furrows, roots like cable,
branches bearing delicate spindles
to capture the rain and light of this spring day.
We cut and shape these trees
as we did that one on Golgotha
those centuries ago,
forming it to a cross
to bear the weight of love.
It is a heavy burden
and one many choose to reject.
I remember that terrible day,
the punishment of the Via Dolorosa.
Here and now there is only
water, light and stone
and the body of forgiveness
taken down from the cross,
placed in the earth
and from the earth risen,
as we may rise
into the sunlit presence
speaking to us softly
in the murmuring voice
of the endless sea.























Reading of “We May Rise” with music from Passion Week by Alexander Grechaninov


13 Responses to “We May Rise”

  1. Lloyd Meeker says:

    Good one, Don — took me a few reads to get past my knee jerk biases, but I enjoyed the journey. Forgiveness is the load-lightener, for sure. So many invitations to rise… I meet you in them, and the murmuring voice of the endless sea.

  2. Tom Figel says:

    Don, this is excellent: thoughtful, a meditation about the gift of Jesus and the resurrection. Thank you and happy Easter!

  3. Mike McCauley says:

    Don — Beautiful message wonderfully composed & read. Thanks for this, and Happy Easter! Your reference to the “Via Delarosa” reminds me of Fr John Dunne’s teachings about the life of Jesus. Two things I vividly remember: 1. Suffering is the key to gaining insight into eternal life, and it is both essential & inevitable for all humans (including the Song of God) before & as we die. 2. Faith is the willingness to live in uncertainty without despair. These two concepts alone were worth the price of tuition.

  4. bill dare says:

    Thanks for beginning my day, Brother.
    🌈🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛💖 (we have 2 young adopted black cats celebrating with us this day)

  5. Hugh says:

    Splendid sunrise service for a new year of spiritual regeneration

  6. Veronica Lim says:

    For the image of sunrise, the sad yet glorious singing, the sound of your voice as you express these words of incredible joy springing from profound sorrow, I thank you, O’ Minister of Word and Music!

  7. AnneMarie Hynes says:

    Lovely to hear you. Happy Easter, beanachtaí na cascaí

  8. Seems you “know the road,” Dear Brother!
    It’s an honor to walk with you,
    Sister T

  9. Christina Pivarnik says:

    Beautiful, Don! It’s a joy to “rise into the sunlit presence” together. Happy Easter..,and thank you.

  10. Alice Penwell says:

    Thank you so much, Don, for bringing together the essential elements of this day. To let it be felt deeply, so deeply that the rock can be rolled, the garden entered again and the mistaken identity dissolved in beloved thrilling voicing
    of our name, “Love”.

  11. Jay Schwartz says:

    Wow, just Wow !!!

  12. Chris W Dalengas says:

    Don, Very nice thoughts for the Easter holiday!

  13. David Barnes says:

    Yes, Don, I too remember that terrible day. And as one man wrote long ago, the weight of the world is love; and the weight of love now rising through this overburden on the surface of the earth is light and sunlit Presence everywhere. Most beautiful Don. Thank you.

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