Her Invitation

I rediscover myself by the sea

like an uncharted island

or lost archipelago

of feeling, of centeredness;

the tides lay bare my rock

then fill the hollow cove

eroded by the expectations

I continue to approve.

The theater of our mutual lives

demands respite, sanctuary

for bones made sore

by the unyielding surface

we’ve agreed to be true.

Ocean is stripped and damaged

but her beauty undefeated;

edging down to the stony beach

with the inquiry of a child,

she is there, tugging at the shoreline,

inviting me into open water.




8 Responses to “Her Invitation”

  1. Lloyd Meeker says:

    It’s part of the family bond, since most of our bodies are saline water, too.

    Beautiful work, Don!

  2. Bill Dare says:

    As a Scorpio, water sign & human being, over 75% salt water, this really speaks to me. Your evocation of sadness at the condition of her stripped and damaged body with the continuing pull of “Her Invitation” resonates with the pull of Her tides for this man. Beautifully done, Don. An Honor to share.


  3. Robin Bryant says:

    I love the sanctuary that nature holds close to my heart. The profound beauty and awesome imagination of creation, holds so many teachings to be lived day by day. I love this relationship, and I love owning the part I play in reflecting back the beauty I am here to give.Thank you Don, for bringing this wonder to us consistently.

  4. Athena Coleman says:

    The photo and this poem are truly beautiful. I am so thankful to be living near the ocean again. Your words speak to the bond I feel with this part of the earth. Thank you for stating it so eloquently. The phrasing you’ve used is like a sacred ring, set with irridescent gems.

  5. p;iChay says:

    I lived on and in the ocean for 3yrs circumnavigating so your articulation quickens in my awareness and taste for Her.

  6. Sarah Hanson says:

    ‘I rediscover myself by the sea’, and bless her, she has always been there for me…..In the 90’s I went to the oceanside often in the winter, wearing down coat and carrying beach chair when no one else was there. She, fed my soul fully……One day I kicked off my boots and with no thought at all, began digging, strongly, forcefully, in the sand. Alll of a sudden I realized a sculpture of what I came to call ‘My People’ had formed and they were looking straight ahead at me, and calling me………and, the words were and are, ‘You are home already and we are with you’. Since then I have felt not only a particular and special freedom simply to be, but a greater ease as I move in the world as it is.

  7. maria Frid says:

    Her never ending tides invite us to remember our ever present internal rhythms……….Thanks Don, always a beautiful expression!

  8. Tom Wishing says:

    A small group of us had a beach picnic/BBQ on the 4th & I remembered how good it is to be by the ocean. And only 20 minutes away; I should go there more often.

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