What Will Draw Me

What will draw me

from the unleavened mass,

to rise beyond the rigid shape

and rule of expectation

to one breath of air,

one glimpse of daylight

and the knowledge so rare

of freedom.




11 Responses to “What Will Draw Me”

  1. This is beautiful Don, I am left with only one answer. Bravo!!

  2. Carol Snyder says:

    Perfect Don. To rise above the cultural catechism that binds, the cargo cult behavior that stifles… the only path to freedom.

  3. Arun says:

    My response..

    Suspended I am
    Between the self indulgence of self
    And insignificance in a vast universe

  4. David Banner says:

    Don…short ….and very sweet!

  5. Sarah Hanson says:

    And, there’s only one answer, my friend, and we know what it is……Life, beautiful, pure, abundant life…… always, in every moment, offering an invitation like no other………….Thankfulness fills me now. Just lovely, Don……..

  6. You do pure Witness so well.

  7. Joe Brennan says:

    Don, Your last few poems have touched on such beauty of the natural world. They are helpful for me in this time of need.

  8. pi Chay says:

    Understood. When mechanisms of the human mind break down…

  9. Bill Dare says:

    As I draw my next breath… and another… and another… I am reminded of my morning prayer… thank you, Creator, for the breath of life… and thank you, Don, for the remembrance.

  10. Sandy Jensen says:

    and the rare knowledge

    of freedom?

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