Ancient Bond

Softly comes the morning
with the green grass of autumn
and the silence of trees.
Rooted in stony ground,
still as the water between tides,
we are brethren to the land,
kin to the distant stars.
Fed by light
and nourished in darkness,
we guard the arc
between earth and spirit,
the ancient bond
that holds this life
unbroken and eternal.




photograph by DH





















Reading of “Ancient Bond” with music by Eleanor Shanley


9 Responses to “Ancient Bond”

  1. Ravenstalk says:

    ~ Amen ~

  2. Warren Monty says:

    Gloria Patri et Filio et Spiritui Sancto
    Sicut erat in Principio, et Nunc, et Semper, et in [omnia] Seacula Seaculorum
    translated as
    As it is in Principle, as it is now in this moment, as it is in the perpetual existence of all Now-Moments, and as it is in the eon of all eons, (or the world of all worlds).

  3. Edward Haimes says:

    I feel firmly rooted in the earth, anchored, and safe. I also have wings, consciousness, which soars above, and is anchored in the heavens. Thank you, Don, for the reminder of the Ancient Bond ever present.

  4. Veronica Lim says:

    Gorgeous, photo, Don. And the Irish music reaches deep into me, reminding me how much Irish blood flows in my veins! Combine all this with the words of your poem and the sound of your voice, and I am all undone! Thank you, dear friend.

  5. Athena Coleman says:

    Thank you for this beautiful prayer, Don.

  6. Maria Frid says:

    Our charge is to secure together, heaven and earth; the ancient bond. Thank you for this very touching poem, my friend!

  7. Christina Pivarnik says:

    Another beauty, Don. I look for your deeply moving words every Sunday and appreciate this ancient bond we share.

  8. Kinga Biro says:

    Don, I love the energy and breadth of this poem…Burt and I are in Hawaii for a spell, and the images in your words resonate with my magical experiences on my daily sunrise walks, and the wonderful things I see and connect with, transformative and light…may I use your poem in one of my photo essays? We are truly blessed and privileged to live on this incomparably beautiful planet, our own corner of paradise…xoxo

  9. david barnes says:

    We guard the arc — yes we do! — and we could equally say, we guide the arc as it circles the earth, cycle after cycle, accumulating glory as we move together — I in Thee and Thou in me, gathering all into Oneness unbroken and eternal. Thank you Don. You write and I read and speak your words out loud, within this everlasting covenant. db

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