Guided in the Dark

The ocean roared
with strong winds,
sheets of rain
and white capped waves.
I awoke in the night,
gusts shaking the cabin,
rattling my sleep, and now
in dim morning light,
I drop further
into winter’s cave,
wrapped in wool
and warm by the fire.
The ocean will have its way
for months to come,
driving storms
through the inland sea,
washing the dry islands
with streams of rain,
scouring the forests,
upending the beaches.
The time to go within
like burrowing otter
and dreaming bear,
to let the winter gods
guide us in the dark
that we might remember
and prepare our spirits
with the promise of new birth.




photograph by Louis MacKenzie
















Reading of “Guided in the Dark” with music by The Watersons


4 Responses to “Guided in the Dark”

  1. David Banner says:

    Every morning I have the intention to be guided by Spirit.

  2. John Connor says:

    I hope you don’t object to this word, Don, but thank you for this sermon.

  3. Maria Frid says:

    Mother/Father Earth are strong and lasting guides! Thank you, my poetic friend!

  4. Juli Martin says:

    I love this time of year for just these reasons, Don. Another beautiful and inspiring poem that captures the essence of the moment. Thank you.

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