Storing Honey

Quiet and still
the island rests,
summer’s movement
drawn to a close
by the cool air
and shortened days.
Breathing in moisture,
exhaling with the trees,
I slow my desire
for motion and sound.
Layered with clouds
life will find me
at peace with giants
beneath the earth,
storing honey
from waning light
as the land turns down
into autumn.



photograph by Willard Walch


















Reading of “Storing Honey” with music by Ry Cooder and Ali Farka Toure


12 Responses to “Storing Honey”

  1. Tom Figel says:

    Don, Nancy and I in Alexandria, VA with Elise Reeder. The three of us just listened to, and admired the poem (“Oh, that’s good!” Elise said as the recording ended.). We have vowed to explain the poem to Jay, whom we will see tomorrow.

  2. Thanks Don, for saying what is my experience, that the one life will find me in the quiet of the mind. It does seem so that the storehouse of my soul, of all souls rests in the silent heart where the indweller resides and stillness reveals the sweet nectar of peace.

  3. David Barnes says:

    Don, your poem is sweet in the mouth and sweet in the belly—good food. You draw to mind from the deep well of my soul those marvellous lines from Machado about the golden bees, white combs and sweet honey. In the honeyed gold of this autumn of my life, and the autumn of this world cycle, I too am walking with giants.

  4. David Banner says:

    Storing honey in my soul…evocative!

  5. Jack Lavelle says:

    Ali Farka Toure… yeah. Listening to those guitar gods from the Sahel makes me reconsider about the REAL home of the blues. The desert is vast and deep… but far from empty

  6. Jay Schwartz says:

    Don: REALLY !!!

    Like Figel explaining anything to anyone !!!

    Well done.

  7. Athena Coleman says:

    Beautiful and rich, thank you, Don.

  8. Maria Frid says:

    “Storing honey in my soul”…………We were bee keepers in the day and found that honey, if stored well, lasts for decades. This liquid gold, gift from life and honey bees,has both medicinal properties like antioxidants and it is delicious! I love your analogy of keeping the GOLD stored in our souls! I am grateful!

  9. Christina Pivarnik says:

    …at peace with the giants of the earth… I am as well, and welcoming their deep, silent wisdom as I walk through the old growth forests. Thank you, as always. I’ve been waiting since early morning to track down today’s poem and relax into your deeply touching words.

  10. John Walsh says:

    Don- Thank you for this somber, earthen embrace of somnolent autumn…

  11. Veronica Lim says:

    As I glory in the fall colors here in Fort Collins, vibrant golds, stunning against the brilliant blue of a Colorado sky; I, too, am storing honey in my soul. Thank you for this lovely poem, Don.

  12. Mike McCauley says:

    Don — Beautiful poem! Autumn is in full glory here in Milwaukee right now. The snow will be flying soon. I hope Figel can explain your poem to Jay Schwartz. Jay really should have taken remedial poetry while were were at ND. Instead of basket-weaving.

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