Calling Us Down

Before the wars and violence

there was light upon the sea

and wind from the south, stirring;

before we sacralized our hunger

fish flowed like the tide, with otter

and eagle brimming the shoreline;

before the internet and electricity

we connected through the land

sending messages into the deep

with faith inspired by the rising moon;

much is gone but she’s still here,

popping up like a surprised seal,

flittering by on tiny wings,

calling us down before the day passes

with these moments of mystery, of life.








Nootka Rose, Waldron Island


10 Responses to “Calling Us Down”

  1. Michael Cecil says:

    Such poignant words! And very relevant to the upcoming Elders Retreat.

  2. Bill Dare says:

    A call to awareness… simply Beautiful.

  3. T Johansson says:

    Love this, Don… you’ve “called me down” after being on the phone for a couple of hours with a computer tech in India… I would much rather swim there!

  4. You have put into words how I feel after a hard, hot days work in the garden. I sit quietly in the cool of the day enjoying what my garden offers back to me. Two hummers dining at their red buffet, the feel of spirits dancing, colorful blooms nodding their gratitude for water. “Calls us down” indeed. Thank you, Don.

  5. Ted Black says:

    Lovely! Exquisite images, and a fine use of parallel structure. And you have given me a new word to savor – “sacralized.” Beyond technique, though, I hear your heart beating.

  6. Katherine O,,,Neill says:

    I was watching news earlier and was caught in the “much is gone” so appreciated what followed into life that is still here. I am looking out my window at trees and sky and got centered again. Bless your evening and thanks foryour timely words. Kay

  7. ron laws says:

    Life in the unpolished walls of the living temple is good, the rose speaks.

  8. Sarah Hanson says:

    ‘but she’s still here’ in every breath we take and in all of the beauty that surrounds us, that is us, regardless of the chaos and destruction in the world. Hearts beating as one resounds! Thank you Don.

  9. Tom Wishing says:

    Thanks for the poem, Don. Mother nature always bats last.

  10. Nancy Rose Meeker says:

    I do enjoy your poems, Don. They are a consistent pulse of life-affirming energy and thought.

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