Quick the Heartbeat

Sun bathes the sea
in morning ritual,
the legacy of life
continuing over time,
yet what we leave behind
like summer grass,
here then gone
in quicksilver moments.
The calculus of memory
grows and hardens
while the heart struggles
to send its charge
to muscle and bone.
Grave clothes comfort,
the coffin fit snug,
but life has more in mind
as sunlight calls on the water,
inviting the heart to open
and shatter the chrysalis
of the second-hand store.
We’re not designed for the grave
though indeed that time will come.
We’re here to sing our music,
voices drunk on the ripe wine
of many years passing
quick as the heartbeat of a bird.




photograph by Lindsey Jane Roby



















Reading of “Quick the Heartbeat” with music by Maryliz Smith


15 Responses to “Quick the Heartbeat”

  1. Tony Palombo says:

    YES! 🌈🙏❤️🎶

  2. Lloyd Meeker says:

    So fine, Don — Thank you.

    That’s a big part of our job now, I think — to sing our music and savor the ripe wine of many years passing, celebrating life no longer taken for granted. What a gift!

  3. Stan Grindstaff says:

    Yes, Don, together we’re here to sing seasonal songs celestial!

  4. Jay Schwartz says:

    “ of many years passing/ quick as the heartbeat of a bird”

    Don: a fine line like many you compose.

  5. Chris W Dalengas says:

    Very nice, Don!

  6. David Banner says:

    We definitely are here to sing our music!!!!!!

  7. Geoff Tisch says:

    All this in a moment! Such is life

  8. Tom Figel says:

    Don, you wrap it up very well. Thank you.

  9. Michele Christie says:

    Such a perfect pairing of words, music, and visual…deep and intimate. Love your work Don

  10. Edward Haimes says:

    So much is seen and felt in any given moment. ” The Calculus of memory grows and hardens.” Go figure or not. Stay open to continual change, which is the study of Calculus. Thanks Don for the gift of your vintage wine. Ed

  11. John Connor says:

    Today is one year exactly from my heart attack. I am 61, and perhaps just barely in the club of knowing what your last 4 lines mean. There is good company here in this club.

  12. Veronica Lim says:

    Great choice of music and image to accompany your meditative words, Don. There is that which continues, eternal, and that which passes like so many falling stars, breathtaking moments to welcome and release. I would embrace it all! Ronnie

  13. David Barnes says:

    Life has more in mind … We’re not designed for the grave

    It is good to release these bold words Don, and sing our music as part of the vast Cosmic Choir. This poem and these voices raised are clearly of this lineage and legacy

  14. Alice P says:

    Quicken the heartbeat
    Quicken the Life force
    Quicken vitality
    Quicken Vintage Unity

  15. So lovely, Don. And the music resonates wonderfully.

    Multi-dimensional beauty.

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