What Pours Through

I greet the day as I am,

with all my faults and frailties.

Opening myself to the flow of power

I become a river, a tree, a lightning rod;

what pours through is life.




10 Responses to “What Pours Through”

  1. Spirit will use anything, anybody, any place, any way to get the job done. With life pouring through, faults and frailties don’t matter. Glad to be a part of it all.

  2. Debora says:

    And our experience with life is what Spirit loves.

  3. So simple. So true.

  4. Mary Rees says:

    I appreciate your weekly poems, Don. They resonate so with my personal spiritual practice. And this poem especially. Thank you.

    It expands and adds facets to another of my favorite practice lines. Rilke’s “May what I do flow through me like a river, no forcing and no holding back.”

    I haven’t figured out how to send an occasional poem from your blog to mine, but would love to do so.

  5. Keith Fairmont says:

    I call that authenticity.
    blessings to you just as you are!!!

  6. Marco says:

    Sounds like a marvelous way to start the day. I’ll ready your poem first thing tomorrow!

  7. Andrew Shier says:

    Thank you, Don, for this beautiful simplicity with which to start my day. Talk about power!

  8. Thanks Don, you speak for so many- You speak for Spirit in us all and we resonate. We are with you in this vibration.

  9. pi Chay says:

    Great, Don!….at the least, all of us commentors are in agreement with these words…..Companions of Honour, may we be.

  10. Janice Miles says:

    Thank you ! Thank you for your words of truth,for your beingness,
    I am glad I found your works.

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