Sculptress of Forgotten Form

During the winter season, I would travel with the Duhalar reindeer people and stay with an old shaman called Tsuyan. On odd days of the waxing moon, she would go into a trance and transform herself into a reindeer bull, flying off to a place she called the Dark Heavens: a twilight world full of light, sounds and voices from where the ancestors reveal their hidden messages in the form of birds and beasts. ‘We exist in relation to three things (she would say) …nature, animals and the memory of ancestors. Once we forget, the guardian angels abandon us and we invite demons to take hold of our destiny.’ – Hamid Sardar


Her ungoverned hair and heliarc gaze
speaks to a fierceness
beyond the curtain of power
the unbridled desire of moon
and tide to move full circle
to have her whole self be known
whether or not she dances in solitude
though in the storm driven ocean
and delicate blue camas
on the cliffs above the sea
her yearning is present
a delicate hand extended
to one who will love
her fury and her peace
and the way she carves her self
as sculptress of the forgotten form
in the disappearing beauty
of her wildness.


4 Responses to “Sculptress of Forgotten Form”

  1. Kathleen says:

    The trance of the waxing moon, the dark falling away behind you, the road clear…so many forms to take, so many minds to inhabit…..all to learn how to hold those contradictions lightly enough to learn from the storm….

  2. Shaun says:

    Lap poetry sure beats lap dancing….

  3. Shaun says:

    Sorry, I meant Lapp poetry. When I read about reindeer people and communing with reindeer spirits, I naturally thought you were talking about Laplanders, the people who first put reins on deer…

  4. Don Hynes says:

    Hey Shaun, I’m feeling like Rosanne Rosanna Danna ( Oh you mean Lapp poetry… never mind.

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