Poetic Champions

After the sun went down
the poetic champions descended
from the forested hills
to the stony point jutting into the sea.
Sirius blazed overhead
as did Arcturus, the stars of Orion
and the great Bear.
The champions had gathered
for the moonrise
and as the earth slowly revolved
a bulb of illumination grew in the east
until with pale brilliance
the globe of the Moon
shone bright across the water.
They traded verses
in the moonlit night,
enjoying their complement
to the star crossed heaven
as they sang and chanted
to praise the ancient
and inspire the unborn,
bearing their gifts
for the billowing deep.
They sang the songlines
that hold the world together
despite the fears of the unknown.
As the Moon rose in the sky
and the star wheel turned
they departed for the forest
and high inland mountains
leaving behind
the music of words
captured in stone
and borne upon the sea.























Reading of “Poetic Champions” with music by Van Morrison


16 Responses to “Poetic Champions”

  1. James Frid says:

    Thanks, Don. Your words craft a genuine sense of the atmosphere of humility that characterizes the great ones that walk the Earth in quiet respect.

  2. Lawrence Kiser says:

    Don, I love this poem. It captures something deep within, a remembrance
    perhaps, of ancient awareness of conscious connection with forces and times when I too lived across the universe “trading verses” in the moonlight.

  3. Maria Frid says:

    Praises for those who sing the lines of love that keep the sacred and inspire the unborn…………..you sing it so beautifully, Don, I am grateful!

  4. Rich says:

    I love Don Hynes! 🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾

  5. Eric Dunn says:

    I am enjoying the stars and planets and this poem beautifully captures my experience. Thanks Don!

  6. This is A BEAUTY, Don… Thank you!
    Honors & Blessings.

  7. Bob Thurman says:

    Beautiful! Outstanding! Thank you so much for this songline, deep and vast!!

  8. Lloyd Meeker says:

    I love the juxtaposition of the epic scale of the vision with the relaxed, informal “no big deal” energy of the noble companions themselves, the work they do, and their faithfulness in doing it.

    I draw inspiration for the yet unborn in me…

  9. John Albright says:

    I sense cause for celebration in your tone. Spring awakes so many beautiful senses and sensations: your joy for life vibrates through these words.

  10. Robin Bryant says:

    All of the magic of our heritage sings beautifully throughout. To reflect its callings of grace and wisdom returns ones light into ones soul. There we gather with our own.. sharing our love for a partnership of time and union.Thank you keeping the thread alive.

  11. Edward Haimes says:

    Beautiful words giving voice to creation. Evening, time for reflection, as the clear water reflects the moon. Heavenly sharing as they traded verses. As we do together. Thank you.

  12. Tom Figel says:

    Don, this is very imaginative, one that hearkens to the best of mythology. – Love, Tom & Nancy Figel

  13. Marco Menato says:

    Thank you for putting words to our love for the night sky!

  14. Suzy Bennett says:

    This one takes the prize..pure delight..I could see it all in my minds eye..and it stays. … a great addition to the tradition..

  15. David Banner says:

    Don…a rich tapestry of words and feelings evoked here…..

  16. Alice says:

    This call deepens the high deep.

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