Deep Peace

As the body when strained

the soul too must relax,

breathe deeply, exhale

and like the tide

retreat, making room

for what comes in the morning,

like light upon the mountain,

discovering what the Earth

would bring to an open heart.



9 Responses to “Deep Peace”

  1. Bill Dare says:

    I’m with you, Brother.

  2. More beautiful work. Deeply and peacefully conveyed.

  3. Lloyd Meeker says:

    I love the undulating wave-like rhythm you’ve created in the words/lines. That carries the impact of deep peace for me.

  4. Katherine O,,,Neill says:

    Don The image of light on the mountain brought me back to my childhood in the foothills of the Rocky Mts; aaand the hope a new day brought, Thank you Kay

  5. pi Chay says:

    A new friend in China just wrote to me, “You read the deep heart.”
    Don, your poetry is open-hearted and my reading your creations entrains my sensitivity to the expression of others. This one enables me to communicate what I experience with your poetry in general. Thank you.

  6. After reading this poem, I walked the dogs in the “wild walkies place” and thought of how the soul needs to relax. I kept thinking “rest” as well as relax. Yes, that was the missing piece, bringing my soul to rest. My “ground crew” of mind, heart, and body knows rest already. Ah, but my soul? So here goes the redirection of the focus of rest. I feel it already. Thanks, Friend.

  7. Robin Bryant says:

    Thank You Don! The deep peace I discover in the beauty of our
    earth – feels thunderous in nature, glorious to receive, and enlivening
    to offer. How thankful your words are, reminding me of the greatest
    gift of all .. another day on earth.

  8. Tom Wishing says:

    One of my favorites. Thanks, Don

  9. I love this poem- gimme the beat boys and free my soul- I wanna get lost in your rock and roll. It really speaks to what my inner experience is calling to me right now, so I’m spending lots of time in the deep theta and delta- what a joy to share this space of feeding the soul with the rhythms of life so well expressed in you poem. Love to you, Larry

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