Within the Womb

Hidden now
the green life
and pulsing energy.
Gone to root
the life of trees,
as bears sleep
in burrowed caves.
Single bird song
breaks the quiet,
calling out her joy
to the cold gray sky.
Where I go
a greater light
within the darkness,
the treasure
of winter’s rest
curing my impatience,
as beauty grows
within the womb,
weaving colors
from the silence.




photograph by Louis MacKenzie






















Reading of “Within the Womb” with music by State Symphony Capella of Russia


16 Responses to “Within the Womb”

  1. Tom Figel says:

    Don, I like the poem (with more of the quiet you put in the reflections) and the photo, a good pairing.

  2. Gloria says:

    As the winter of all winter is put to rest, in silence I hear you. Thank you for once again bringing the light Don❤️

  3. Good Morning, Don!
    “Within The Womb” — a perfect way to commemorate the recent passing of my Precious Mother. In 1995, you also helped us celebrate the life of my Beloved Father… seems like you’re always “there!” Back together again, now their Circle of Life is at last complete.
    Much Love & Gratitude, Sister Teryl

  4. James Frid says:

    I love the quiet of Winter’s morn, calming hearts and superfluous diligence of mind. Thanks, Don

  5. Eric Dunn says:

    Beautiful imagery! Thank you!

  6. Yes..interesting how some of us resist the coming of the rains and the darkness, loathe to shed the sweet cloak of summer light.. and then eventually the pull of this time of rest and retreat takes over and draws us down into the winter medicine lodge..where our dreams and visions find time to arrange and rearrange. Here we be 🙂

  7. Don, I love this phrase:
    as bears sleep
    in burrowed caves.

  8. Brenda Jenkins says:

    The spark of light at the moment of conception – that’s what I feel from your poem today. As bear sleeps, “beauty grows within the womb, weaving colors…” Just beautiful. Here it is, our seed to nurture in the quiet.

  9. David Banner says:

    Yep, this is what is happening in the invisible realms.

  10. Pat Fitzsimmons says:

    Thank you Don, perfect seasonal energy moving through your words and images this morning.

  11. Rose Meeker says:

    Love it! As Pat says, perfect energy for this moment.

  12. Veronica Lim says:

    Lovely winter poem, Don, enhanced with the image of snowy woods and the rich a capella harmony of the Russian chorus. Thank you for this gift!

  13. Mark Dellamano says:

    A lovely reminder of the spring that awaits us, and so beautifully rendered. Thank you, Don. In a short time the first almond blossoms will begin to appear on the trees here in our valley. Always noticed and appreciated, they will bring a special cheer this year.

  14. David Barnes says:

    “the treasure of winter’s rest curing my impatience”

    glorious implication in these images, and in the whole poem

    ever so strong and lovely, beautiful essences

    within that hidden silent place of beauty

  15. Maria Frid says:

    ………..”within the darkness, the treasure of winter’s rest curing my impatience”, yes we rest here and now, knowing that the light always reappears. The light and warmth continues to shines in another part of our beautiful globe! Our Sun/Love is always present!

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