Through the Dark Night

The valley lies in darkness,
the earth pulsing
with great mystery.
Trees vibrate in this pulse
as do the widespread seas.
Deserts shift in waves,
animals move in migration.
On the outer rim
the earth turns quickly
while at the center
there is stillness
and a silence
reaching through stone,
sand and water.
We may be spun by the wheel
or return to the core,
to the place of emanation
where life is born.
The forces move in procession,
water, air, earth and fire,
cleansing what must pass,
giving form to what is asked
from the deep heaven.
What may we bring to this altar
but our breath of thankfulness,
alive and enduring
through the dark night
to the living day.



photograph by Sandy Brown Jensen


















Reading of “Through the Dark Night” with music by Samuel Barber


17 Responses to “Through the Dark Night”

  1. Chris L Frey says:

    Don’s integration of words, voice, and music is a layered sensory experience…sensual experience.

  2. David Barnes says:

    Pulsing in harmoney with the eternal rhythmic breath. Gorgeous, mysterious and perfect. Thank you Don.

  3. Patrick says:

    Thanks Don, as we emerge out of the darkness listening deeply to the elements – the mystery connected to the dream and stillness of winter

  4. Tom Figel says:

    Don, the rhythm of a wave or quiet breathing is in this one. Thank you, and all the best to you in 2021.

  5. Thank you, Don. A fitting usher to the winter season. Samuel Barber’s angelic music provides carrier wave for your spirit. Thankfulness is all we can bring to the Gaia’s altar.

  6. Eric Dunn says:

    Profound and wonderful!

  7. James Frid says:

    Wonderful poem, Don. Indeed we move through the cycles pulsating with the gift of life centered in the core of all that is.

    Thanks for showing Sandy’s photography. She has the skills to match a great eye.

  8. David Banner says:

    A beacon for the future…

  9. Thanks Don, this touches deep within my soul reaching that inner source where nothing and everything exists. I love the Sound of silence conjured up here.

  10. Stan Grindstaff says:

    Potent words & potent image…

    cleansing what must pass,
    giving form to what is asked

    Don, I join you in the Center…

  11. Elizabeth O Nunn says:

    As I sit here, musing about darkness, it occurs to me that darkness is another kind of light we have yet to see.
    Years ago, I read about the full spectrum of light reaching from Maine to California. Humans can only see the width of a thin dime of that enormous spectrum of light that surrounds us.
    So today, I am seeing darkness in another way…as yet another light.

  12. Anne Blaney says:

    Your wife has excellent taste in choosing gifts (like you!).

    Although arriving at the year’s end, I think this poem is a centre piece. We are so blessed by weekly invitations to draw round your fire, and look out at the night to the sound of your voice. Thank you Don.

  13. Athena Coleman says:

    Such a moving piece and the music, “Adagio for Strings” is enhanced by your words. I love the gentle responsibility portrayed in the last lines, what will we bring to this altar? Gifts of hope, enduring love and resilience.

  14. Veronica Lim says:

    Don, thank you for this perfect gift combining a gorgeous image with the timbre of your voice as you read your potent poem while Samuel Barber’s music enfolds the whole of it.

  15. Edward Haimes says:

    I noticed that your consistent offerings are posted beginning in Dec 2009. That would be 11 years of at least 4 offerings, many months more. What a beautiful givingness on your part, sounding a steady rhythm of light and direction offered. If one were lost your words have been a beacon to return to the core, where understanding and stillness dwells. Thank you. Ed

  16. Deborah Harrison says:

    Your connection to the mysterious primal forces and your ability to express it so exquisitely and so potently, deeply moves me. Thank you. What a gift to us all.

  17. Pat Fitzsimmons says:

    Thank you Don, abiding thankfullnes engages the benevolent universe

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