Signaling Grace

Rain clouds sift across the valley
in the late days of autumn.
Stripped bare like the plum tree
I lean into the weather,
welcoming the changes
wrought once more
on the yielding earth.
The spreading fear of death
crowds the space for life,
yet around us the earth
surrenders its green leaves
and soft grass for the plunge
into root and darkness.
In the sky geese travel
with the faith of feathers,
following trails across
the wide arc of heaven
to the wet marshes
of their winter solace,
signaling the grace
awaiting their descent
onto the cold fields
of November.



photograph by Louis MacKenzie

















Reading of “Signaling Grace” with music by Erik Satie


7 Responses to “Signaling Grace”

  1. Eric Dunn says:


  2. Tom Figel says:

    Don, as always, you have the ability to express your thought with a soft pace and strong visual images. And wisdom. When we have the chance, I will explain the poem to Jay.

  3. Don…this is a beautiful reminder of life’s many colors……..

  4. Geoff Tisch says:

    Thankyou Don.
    November here, spring is in the air.
    Balance holding everything secure,
    Voice from New Zealand.

  5. Jim Frid says:

    Maria and I spent the afternoon in the fields and marshes cherishing the ability to see into the forest having given up their greenery to the crisp air. Stillness except the cool breeze banished any fear of death that may seek to crowd the space for life.

  6. Veronica Lim says:

    Your words in this poem are a lovely reminder of where to keep our focus during this of increasing sickness and death. Then we play our part, as do the geese, in signaling grace. Thank you, Don.

  7. Maria Frid says:

    As we watch the geese and other flying travelers go south to warmth, we remember the wonderful cycles of life and we are grateful and content! Thank you, Don…………simply beautiful!

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