Imagine Their Returning

Winter storms arrived
lifting the sea, tearing
through the tree tops.
Funneled through
opposing islands
the channel winds
sound their presence
in a deep pulsing thrum.
I linger within,
relieved from the buffeting
as tiny birds flit in the brush,
gathering the last seeds and berries.
I’ve put away what I can
from the long summer arc,
a storehouse of brightly lit days
and star-filled nights,
of green grass
and the smell of corn.
The cave of winter
is dry and warm
with body heat.
I’ll dream of bear
and sleek otter,
of eagle, rabbit
and nattering crows.
I’ll remember
those who are gone
and imagine their returning
in bright young bodies
free of scars and harsh feeling,
eyes open and eager
for the thrill of life.






















Reading of “Imagine Their Returning” with music by Van Morrison


12 Responses to “Imagine Their Returning”

  1. bill dare says:

    So Hopeful… just what All need. Thx Bro.

  2. Jim Frid says:

    Indeed the remembering is vivid. Thankfully other relatives fill the vacant space until northward urges alter the local characters.

  3. Ravenstalk says:

    ~ Yessssssssssss ~ 💥💞🙏

  4. Maria Frid says:

    In the cave of winter we replenish……………so beautiful, my friend! Thank you!

  5. Anthony says:

    How appropriate is the photo of the infant to your poem today—an angel returning to earth for another experience of the “thrill of life”!

  6. tom wilson says:

    Beautiful. With the perfect pause at the end of each line.

    Thanks, Don

  7. Jude Blitz says:

    Don who is this stunninglyadorablespringingintobeing baby?
    a picture of YOU as a wee one?

  8. I love this sweet view of reincarnation!

  9. Veronica Lim says:

    Hi, Don, this fresh-faced young one looks just like I imagine you would have looked at this age! Love the facial expression, and your words from your island vantage point. Thank you!

  10. Hiya, Don! 🙂

    What a beauty… and it resonates physically as well as spiritually, living on an island as i do. 🙂 I so wish we would collaborate. It’d be wonderful to see if one of my ‘chilled-piano pieces’ might provide the perfect background for one of your readings. Do hit me up on Messenger if you’re interested. Now or later, but methinks we could create something even more beautiful together, man. 🙂 Cheers, and All the Best to you, yours, and beyond in this Christmas Season. <3

  11. p.s.
    And Yes! i continue to ‘see them Returning’, too. 🙂
    (as ‘Indigo Kids’ mainly)
    and i cherish each one
    encouraging their continued coming forth
    as they awaken to this new challenge
    of Living and Giving on this small and wondrous planet. <3

  12. David Banner says:

    Thrilling and inspiring!

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