Shadow Dance

Green has turned to rust
as November winds
scour the island,
baring the trees.
Winter approaches
yet I linger,
hearing voices
call from caves
within the earth,
their invitation
to dream again
and share the dark.
With masks carved
from bone, fires lit
by ancient faith,
they dance
in slow circles,
holding the earth
in all its imperfection.



photograph by Jim Frid


















Reading of “Shadow Dance” with music by Ry Cooder






15 Responses to “Shadow Dance”

  1. Eric Dunn says:

    Thank you Don!

  2. Shadow Dance…. glorious, timely & wise.
    Thank you, Spirit Brother!

  3. Jim Frid says:

    I love this poem, simple and clean. The ancient Shadow Dancer’s etherial voice enfolding the Earth from within its depth sheds light upon our current charge.

  4. Sweet Medicine Nation says:

    We are all dancing this in our own ways as the light of fire replaces the light of days.

  5. Vinny di Lucca says:

    Whaddygot sum kinda contract with Hallmark cards Hynes? We needs sumpin we can hit!! Enuf softballs aready. Vinny D. Teamsters #719 Bayonne, NJ

  6. admin says:

    You never could hit my fastball Vinny. Wise up!

  7. Tom Figel says:

    Don, “holding the earth in all its imperfections” is poetic in its own right but also expresses once again your mix of affection and sadness for a world with troubles as well as joys. Thank you.

  8. Vinny di Lucca says:

    Was that your fastball?

  9. Don…what wonderful imagery, this!

  10. Just as I was feeling like a shadow of my former self, along comes this elegant verse to ennoble the problem…thanks

  11. Athena Coleman says:

    The words, your voice, the music, all in balance and complete. Loved this! Very healing to experience it this morning, thank you.

  12. eleanor gill milner says:

    Very nice, Don. We are all “shadow dancing” right now and wearing masks. History repeats itself endlessly… it is good to have poetry so that some can visualize that everything changes and everything stays the same.

  13. Veronica Lim says:

    I feel such a sense of mysticism in this poem, Don. Surely something must be “holding the earth in all its imperfection” or we would have self-destructed by now!

  14. Maria Frid says:

    So beautiful, Don! Shadow dancing is a joy beyond words!

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