Near the sea everything settles

as if memories and people

were affected by the tides

and slowly find their way

to the bottom, resting

along the dark crevasse

beneath the flowing water,

finding a place to feed

from the darkness

that will not be undone,

letting this day be what it is

without the turbulence

of the present or past:

sunlight upon the water,

thick white clouds,

calm upon the sea.


8 Responses to “Settling”

  1. Bill Dare says:

    The earth, the wind, the sky, the water… return, return, return… Love it! Brought me back to many returns to the sea and memories of how she settles this man.

  2. While “letting this day be what it is”, I walk outside into strong winds that have dessicated this land for over a year and acknowledge the absence of emotional turbulence that has plagued me but is no more. The strength of gratitude flows within and keeps me fluid regardless of the drought. Without the sea, I create my own rhythms in this dry, dusty land. So I drag out the huge bags of nutrients for the garden which has it’s own rhythms that I also honor. With a deep sigh, I carry on thinking, “It is what it is”.

  3. Lawrence Hudetz says:

    Another word for Settling is entropy. That’s the final resting place, one of infinite equilibrium.

  4. Sarah Hanson says:

    How many times I have looked to the sea and been enriched by the beauty, the silence, the strength……….Reminded over and over again of the wondrous power of my own true spirit that will not be undone by the darkness, I take a breath, and am thankful to greet this day………..

  5. Athena Coleman says:

    In the absence of everything else, the sea is the one true comfort – – –

  6. Eilish says:

    I can’t believe how many great poems you keep writing!I am thankful for the consistent reminder of the ocean to let go of the small and troublesome details of life and trust the vast mystery of nature.

  7. So complete to observe, breathe and be…and yet, to get the balance right between acceptance and action.

  8. gloria r says:

    as the winter sea seethes
    crashing shores of time
    precipice of peril
    integral the tides of passion
    bind us to the great abyss

    we can rest knowing here is a starting place…

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