Strengthened in Darkness

Bathed in the dark
I take to the forest
with starlight high above.
A crescent moon
brightens the southern sky
with Mars and Jupiter shining.
Betrayals fade to insignificance
beneath the streetlights of home,
the reset sadly negated
by the modern glare.
I treasure the night,
luxuriate in its beauty,
resting like the sea
between the flux of tides
to let the strength of darkness
bring peace into the coming day.




















Reading of “Strengthened in Darkness” with music by Nicolas Jaar


10 Responses to “Strengthened in Darkness”

  1. Marco Menato says:

    “Night is certainly more novel and less profane than day” said Thoreau. I feel night, and the night sky (when I’m conscious and not in dreamland) … provide context. During the day we see but a short distance into the sky – our reality seems visually held to life on the planet. At night however … boom! We suddenly realise the context within all this wonderful stuff takes place …

  2. Tom Figel says:

    Don, as always, you are thoughtful and melodious today. Thanks.

  3. James Frid says:

    I, too, love the night. Stillness settles over landscape,
    mindscape, and heartscape. It is a time for fox and owl, cat and bat. Even insects are stilled by the cool night air. There is security in darkness. Quiet invisibility.

  4. Eric Dunn says:

    So beautiful!

  5. David Barnes says:

    “the streetlights of home”. What a vast and glorious image. Thank you Don

  6. This one is very sensual…and bold!

  7. Christina Pivarnik says:

    I love this! I looked up in the night sky in the wee hours this morning when I let my young puppy out and felt embraced by the darkness, inspired by the starlit night and new moon. Thank you, Don.

  8. Rich says:

    Thank you for feeding my soul…

  9. Chris Dalengas says:

    Beautiful, Don!

  10. Alice says:

    dusk, new(moon),into darkness and we expand into Beloved’s embrace.
    Thank you so much, Don.

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