Abandoning Desire

I reach out

over the horizon

cracked and weakened

by struggle and death

and all that’s fallen,

a plaintive prayer

with less of the pride

I once knew,

daring to raise my eyes

to the morning

calling out

in a bird like sound

to creatures awake and untiring

with little to protect us

from the gathering wind:

to this day

I give myself completely,

abandoning desire

for all except you.



8 Responses to “Abandoning Desire”

  1. Bob Weaver says:

    The finis, Don, you are so right. From your station you could never conclude otherwise!

  2. Lloyd Meeker says:

    Strong poem, Don – the gathering wind buffets me into the present moment. Reminiscent of DH Lawrence’s Song of the Man Who Has Come Through – “not me, but the wind that blows through me!” Beautifully done.

  3. Yes, very beautiful. I too have felt–experienced–this, in these days of greater evident change. Great vision and great touch, Don. Letting go of that desire, there’s still assurance that what’s needful will naturally fill that space, something true(r) and creative.

  4. I hope you don’t mind my correcting myself. Yes, nature abhors a vacuum, but as my comment above illustrates, a person can be so quick to try to fill the void or use sunny optimism, whereas I have to be where I am, face the music: be in that heaviness if that’s what’s current. The leavening may come from being with others there and realizing responsibility.

  5. Nancy Rose Meeker says:

    I really get this, Don. It’s a different phase of life we’re in, and having experienced so much, things look different now…

  6. Doyle Banks says:

    “…abandoning desire…”
    In the book Dancing With Life, Phillip Moffitt deals at length with the Buddhist idea of letting go of the craving that can taint natural (or “pure”) desires. For me, letting go of craving seems an even greater imperative in light of “…the gathering wind…” that seems to be bringing evolutionary change to all living beings. May we all know the Happiness that is free of Suffering. And may we all be able to stand in the wind with equanimity, free of hatred, greed, and illusion.

  7. Jim Frid says:

    Nice, Don. It has the maturity of experience in it. Humility and surrender. Excellent.

  8. Bill Dare says:

    Thanks for the moment of surrender your poem offers.

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