Before Memory

Before memory,

before violence,

before the damage

and the line that separates,

before ancient stones

and walls beneath the sea

there was awareness

and the love of our ancestors

spoken from the mountain;

before the wave,

before forgetting,

a thin ray of light

awakening the sleep

that is not sleep,

the fold of forgiveness,

the beginning

of all that will remain.


7 Responses to “Before Memory”

  1. Oren Yakovee says:

    Takes me back, with beautiful imagery, beyond a veil to remembrance.

  2. Bill Dare says:

    This really speaks to my soul Don. Thank you.

  3. William piChay says:


  4. Lawrence Hudetz says:

    This is a wonderful reference to being at the edge between remembering and forgetting, from where creativity unfolds.

    I must remember to be grateful for my forgetfulness.

  5. ken harris says:

    From before” Birth to after Death” I remain! Call me by my true name.”I AM” speaks to us in human form. When the spirit of TRUTH comes upon us ALL things will be called to”REMEMBRANCE”

  6. Serene and knowing. It drew me right in to that place “before the line that separates”.

  7. T Johansson says:

    You pierce the fog, Poet-Brother… thank you.

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