The Crossing

The call goes out
from high places
to lush valleys,
broad deserts
and tide rushing seas.
To fashion anew
from broken bones
and ash filled cauldrons,
from the sore tried hearts
and tender feelings
of so many who’ve
gone before.
This is our time,
perilous and difficult
as the Red Sea,
standing between
impassable waters
and the forces of night.
Fear not the voice rings out,
this is your day to live,
to find salvation.
Not to another world
of vain glory
and false promise
but this world
with all its imperfection,
crossing over now
to the green land
and jeweled city.
Steady your hearts
and let the peace
of the eternal flow
to open what lies
before you.
The crossing
is in your hands.



photograph by Joshua Earle

















Reading of The Crossing with music by Sting



11 Responses to “The Crossing”

  1. Eric Dunn says:

    Thank you Don! A beautiful message!

  2. Tom Figel says:

    Don, this is well thought-out and well-expressed. Thanks for the poem and the feeling of confidence it provokes.

  3. John Albright says:

    Don, I love your gentle and not so subtle reminders to “steady the heart”. I’m here to broach these impassable waters and fear not.

  4. Tony Palombo says:

    This is wonderful and beautiful poetry, Don. The New Earth is at our hand. The invitation is given: Rise up and enter in. Attunement with Love has brought us to the threshold of Paradise here on Earth. Thank you poet for giving it voice.

  5. James Frid says:

    I appreciate the thought of a new world without false promise but with imperfection.

  6. David Barnes says:

    Don, these rhythmic weekly pulsations, the flowing tide of your poetic Voice, gathering volume and power through comments rich with shared experience and understanding, are a work of wonder and magic, evidence of the eternal call and the return at work in numberless ways through countless people crossing over now, while firmly rooted in this holy earth. It is a great delight to participate in this surging flood and the sweeping return, with you and all who comment every week.

  7. William Comer says:

    If Andrew Yang can do it, we can do it. So long as we love, we serve. So long as we are loved by others…we are indispensable! And no one is useless while one has a friend.

  8. The New Earth is coming…it is up to me (us)!

  9. Veronica Lim says:

    Your words I find most telling are, “Steady your hearts and let the peace of the eternal flow to open what lies before you.” Everywhere eagerness abounds to get back to ‘normal’, and the peace of the eternal flow is replaced with a surge of impatience. So many unknowns lie ahead. Trust, faith, patience are choices we can make in the midst of this crossing.

    Thank you, Don, for giving voice to the human heart.

  10. Rose Meeker says:

    So many are unaware that this is a time of crossing, and are focused on the conflicts around them; but I also believe that many sense it. We are not on our own in this movement.

  11. Lucille Goossens says:

    Thank you, Don. For me, the crossing is in my hands. For all of us, it is in our hands. I take personal responsibility in letting the crossing be done. It requires a still mind and an open heart to the Source of all Who has full control in my living – in our living. As this is so, the Red Sea opens wide allowing the crossing-over to the green land and jeweled city. I of myself cannot do it, but in holding steady while yet many things swirl round about, there is continued trust to a Higher Point than to my human self—so, the crossing is real and most necessary for everyone. It is being be done now by many in Tune with the Infinite – our Creator.

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