Silence of the Statue

Sacred site and ancient temple

point to power

invisible and mysterious,

symbol and reality

not confused by older order.

We extract and concentrate

yet release and balance must follow.

The sand below the sphinx

was once a field of green,

the silence of the statue

a language of its own.

What appeared empty

may now guide us.



3 Responses to “Silence of the Statue”

  1. Bill Dare says:

    Thanks for this imagery… having just completed a Spirit Journey, this is especially resonant.

  2. William piChay says:

    Thank you, Don.

  3. Almost exactly a year before encountering you, I had my first and only face to face encounter with the sphinx in the desert of Egypt. It was, as you so well note, apparently empty but bursting with truth, maybe even THE truth. It was just my wife Mary and I on our own, present to it and it to us—neither tours nor tourists physically present. But presence there was, I would even say Presence, if that were not such an overly analyzed word. All whoever glanced at it, all the windstorms it weathered, all the wars that passed by its way for over 3000 years of blistering days and freezing nights were there, present and communicating a truth(s) before which words evaporate. In the silence underneath the silence of the desert night and in the beat-down of heat of the desert day, there it stood alert, intelligent, patience and benevolent, communicating intra-being, somehow, the mystery, truths inside the mystery and the peace that is possible within the mystery—but not the solution to the mystery.

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