Urge to Freedom

Above the rain wet valley
grey and black clouds swirl,
the sun burning through
to light another day.
The land’s desire
rising along root,
up leaf and branches
into the cool spring air
as flowering trees
blanket the ground
with fallen color.
Hunger for new life
awake from winter sleep
lifts from the dark soil,
climbing evergreen towers
and spread by dark-winged crows.
The urge to freedom
long-held beneath the ground
floating now like fertile pollen
broad across the earth.



photograph by Will Hornyak


8 Responses to “Urge to Freedom”

  1. Brenda Jenkins says:

    Magnificent spirit and imagery, Don. I hear music in these images and rhythm, that crescendos to the sky with the evergreen towers. This captures so well my sensing in the land and nature today.

  2. Shaun Reynolds says:

    Wonderful language and so timely…

  3. Tom Figel says:

    Thanks, Don. May all of us be as ready as the land’s desire.

  4. Eric Dunn says:


  5. William Comer says:

    Very small birds soar and dive at amazing speed, and drop to the ground for whatever morsel they spot. I’d say that’s a good example of obedience to the urge of their sense of freedom, this story coming through to your inspiration of eloquence. Thank you, Don.

  6. Celebrating this amazing resurgence ..with you Don

  7. David Barnes says:

    The urge to freedom becomes urgent now, in the hearts of men and women, but this natural sense of urgency need not be clothed in the fallen colors of anxiety or hysteria — so let us take a cue from the land’s desire, from the flowering trees, and the hunger for new life floating now like fertile pollen broad across the earth. In this we may take a cue from the sweetly rising spirits of this fine little poem. Thank you once again Don.

  8. I am strongly feeling that urge!

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