Plum Tree Sparrow

There is a sparrow
on a branch of the plum tree,
just one of the songbirds
left in this city of crows.
She sings with desire
for the light that rises,
she sings for the day
and the warmth to come,
her tuft of feathers
and russet crown
full with the beauty
of invisible touch.
The sound of her music
welcomes the swell
of deep woven roots,
the lift of leaves
to the light of the sun
and here I sit
with the plum tree sparrow,
her bright voice calling
a morning gift.



photograph by James Frid


17 Responses to “Plum Tree Sparrow”

  1. Lloyd Meeker says:

    I think you clothe the meaning of divine grace in “full of the beauty of invisible touch”.
    The sparrow gave it to you, and you’ve given it to me.
    Thank you!

  2. Greetings to long-awaited Spring!

  3. Eric Dunn says:

    Uplifting! 🙏 Thank you Don!

  4. Jay Schwartz says:

    Uplifting when we most need it. Well done as per usual.

  5. Elizabeth O Nunn says:

    Sweetness and gift of grace in birdsong.

  6. Sandy Brown Jensen says:

    Ha! Good one! I love little poems about specific birds or specific wildflowers like this. This is a little jewel.

  7. Jane says:

    Thank you for this touch of grace.

  8. Tom Figel says:

    Don, your poems always been with an exceptional awareness of what’s in front of you, no matter how ordinary and small. You have a gift. Thanks for sharing it.

  9. Scott says:

    Beautiful Brother!

  10. Maria Middlestead says:

    Beautiful awareness of cycles and renewal. An appropriate antidote to the contagion of fear.

  11. Jack Lavelle says:


    your sparrow could visit…

    … the Chinese Elm
    outside my kitchen window, where
    each morning’s glance reveals
    tiny leaves a bit less yellow-green,
    a bit more full and wearing
    Mr Spring’s official Green

  12. William Comer says:

    For every poem you post there comes back to you gratitude, for having been touched. And, somehow we want to find words we would speak back to you, giving form to completing the creative cycle. So, here I want to say to those, “pay it forward”. We’ve been blessed, now we let it expand into the world in which we serve.

  13. David Barnes says:

    Thanks Don. Lovely, sweet and tender. Oneness is the given gift—Oneness is the blessing received. Thanksgiving.

  14. Carolyn Coleman says:

    I love to read your poetry, Don, although I seldom respond. You are right on. I also read the responses. They, too, are beautiful and give me hope.

  15. Chris Dalengas says:

    Very nice, Don!

  16. Veronica Lim says:

    How lovely. The image and your words give my heart rest. Thank you.

  17. Sigridh Kiersch says:

    I feel blessed by your poem and the photo.

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