Broken like a Branch

Challenged by the old fight

I hear another voice

miles from the road

along the basalt trail

to a creek that breaks

from her open mouth

with the grief of music

the knowledge of moss

and the part of me

broken like a branch

turned into dirt

falling with water

in a long drop

over smooth stone

into a canyon

with the deeper river



7 Responses to “Broken like a Branch”

  1. David Banner says:

    Don….sensuously gorgeous! It speaks to the activist in me with a deep voice…..

  2. Jude says:

    moved, I drop with each word, down
    down to that fallen place I forgot I know

    into waters of loss, pure loss

  3. TRed Black says:

    Ah, that deeper river! A lovely expression, Don, concise and truthful…..Ted

  4. Sarah Hanson says:

    Immersed again and again, the deeper river is ever present and willing to catch me as I let go………..beautiful!

  5. Rising from the depths of this sacred river, I walked into Child Protection Services this morning in Santa Fe, six years after retirement. I found myself eschewing statements of “Never again” as I volunteered to teach Mandated Reporting. No “old fight” here, I am called to fill the gaps of ignorance and violence with Love. They may think they are receiving information. I know better and am grateful for that knowing.

  6. William piChay says:

    “…Ole man river, that ole man river,
    He must know somethin’
    He don say nuthin’
    That ole man river
    He just keeps rollin’ along…..

    This old Negro folk tune arises from my childhood memory in response. Thank you, Don.

  7. Thanks Don, it is so important to be reminded of that deeper river- I sometimes find myself caught up in the illusion of the moment. As I slip out of the stream to the side and watch I see it as what it is – and I can go back in knowing I am heading towards the deeper river behind and in front of it all. Blessings, Larry

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