Something Like Praise

With first light
the soul of the earth rises,
reaching through evergreen
and shy herds of deer,
silver cords of river fish
and human hearts
no longer sleeping.
The dome of the night sky
recedes to the west, leaving
the earth altar silent.
Quietly we come,
something like praise
a lilt in our voices,
gathering the stones
of what we’ve forgotten
in a cairn of remembrance
to mark the day
we chose to awake.




11 Responses to “Something Like Praise”

  1. David Banner says:

    Don…what a poignant metaphor of our personal awakening!

  2. Eric Dunn says:


  3. Another glorious “heart song” … THANK YOU!

  4. David Kyle says:

    Lovely, Don. I am reminded of the ancient praise to the sun. “You who are the source of all Life, whose rays illuminate the whole world. Illuminate also my heart that it too can do your work.”

  5. David Barnes says:

    Yes Don. This phrase, “silver cords of river fish and human hearts no longer sleeping” is a fine metaphor for the ebb & flow between heaven and earth, and my body temple is a cairn, a living shrine which marks each day the freely given gift. Praises!

  6. Tom Figel says:

    Don, “earth altar” is a good expression. Striking. Thanks.

  7. Kaia True says:


  8. Brenda Jenkins says:

    “Quietly we come, something like praise… a lilt in our voices…” Stunning mood, and such heart ~~ Beautiful, Don. I love this.

  9. William Comer says:

    “chose to awaken” Yep. I choose every moment, actually.

  10. Sigridh Kiersch says:

    So lovely!

  11. Maria Frid says:

    Your poems always expand my heart…….thank you!

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