Grandmother’s Blanket

Crow came by
bringing news of the forest,
of salmon asleep in branch water,
beaver at work in the creek flows
and rooted beneath the ancient trees
the peace of the earth gathered in pools
still and deep beyond measure.
Beside the old well
grandmother spreads her blanket,
her shells and stones laid out
in circular patterns,
her hands weaving stories
of what has been
and what will be
she softens with her teeth
for clothes we may wear
as we walk upon the earth.
Crow carries her heartbeat,
his black eyes and feathers
shaped by her in the long ago,
the messages he brings
reminders to be alert,
think of her beside the well
as we follow the great river
on our journey to the sea.



photograph by Edward Curtis


13 Responses to “Grandmother’s Blanket”

  1. You are a gifted seer, My Brother… thank you for this soft sustenance that nurtures my day.

  2. Athena Coleman says:

    The sweetness of this poem adds to its depth. The tapestry of your soul is rich Don, and I give thanks for your generous sharing of it with us.

  3. Eric Dunn says:

    My favorite of all your poetry! This is beautiful, powerful!

  4. veronica lim says:

    I find myself sinking deeply, peacefully into this wonderfully mystical poem, Don. Thank you.

  5. Ann Cooper says:

    I am so reminded of my Creek ancestors. Thank you Don. Another beautiful work.

  6. Tom Figel says:

    Don, I never remember to remark about the combination of photograph and poem each week. You have combined two exceptionally strong parts in today’s work. Thank you.

  7. Yum! A delicious offering, this…….full of richness and power….

  8. Stan Grindstaff says:


  9. Doyle Banks says:

    Don, thanks again for enriching our lives with your wisdom. “…reminders to be alert…” Alertness in heart, mind and body is so crucial in these days. Thoughts, words and actions born of inattentiveness and mindlessness can have destructive results. Alertness can keep us wise, strong and compassionate. May we all be alert.

  10. William K Elbring says:

    Don, Thank you for giving my mind a soft place to land for a few moments.

  11. Maria Frid says:

    As we travel to the sea, we sense the storms coming and going……..we stay alert, clear head and mind, always sensing the right and smoothest course to our destination. Wonderful presentation, Don! Thank you!

  12. yes one of my favorites this one…

  13. David Barnes says:

    Thank you Don, for drawing attention once again to the spread of grandmother’s blanket, beside the old well; and for messages, and the reminders to be alert—most important in this day as we follow the great river to the sea

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