Green and Wild

Living a good life shouldn’t be so hard,

just a thought for what is right

despite the dreams and body’s calling,

yet wherever the iron bound imprint

loses control, soul trickles through,

concerned for its own hunger

as if tossed upon the shores of Eden

for the very first time; no books,

no laws, no convention, only stars

with everything green and wild.


9 Responses to “Green and Wild”

  1. T Johansson says:

    You speak to the soul of a Wild Woman– exquisite!

  2. I like this poem Don,it speaks deep reminding that everything returns to soul no matter how far afield one may wander.

  3. Nancy Rose Meeker says:

    Wow! This one sits in the pit of my stomach. Immediate recognition and activation! Yes!

  4. William piChay says:

    “…everything green and wild.” Oh, my gawd, but these luscious words are perfect for my poetic pallet today! Energy medicine for my heart!
    I’m going to turn 69 this year, and the grass under my feet ought to be turning brown as well! But, no! It’s a lush, semi-tropical bedding of exotic flora instead. I once told a friend that I will die with my running shoes on! And, your stellar poetic creativity tells adds beauty and blessing to my unfolding story. Korp kun Khrab, Don.

  5. Lawrence Hudetz says:

    We are the only species to find life a problem
    Perhaps it is not life itself
    Perhaps it is us.

  6. Bill Dare says:

    Just left a training in the green and wild of NM… pretty good time. Leaving on a Spirit Journey… your poetry is good company. Thanks.

  7. Sandy Jensen says:

    This is a poem with a universal message and language appeal–simple, complex, layered with meanings.
    And not that poetry always has to be grammatical, but I think you might like the addition of a comma here for the micro-pause between two “o” sounds (control and soul) it gives you:

    yet wherever the iron bound imprint

    loses control, soul trickles through

    I love this one a lot!

  8. Xavier Coleman says:

    Sounds like the green man to me. An aspect of spirit we touched many years ago during our stewardship community days. It’s good to see it’s still alive in many of us.

  9. suzy bennett says:

    This is a classic poem….a timeless and shared experience

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