Breadcrumbs on a Trail

I walk alone from the dark night
leaving behind tormented dreams.
Why trouble over details
when the house is on fire?
The soul needs solitude and silence
like a creature food and water.
Shouting across barricades,
fists high in the air, do you wonder
whose world this might be?
So convinced of agency
that morning light
will not affect your equation?
Serious questions I know,
but I drop these behind me
like breadcrumbs on a trail.
Somewhere ahead in a sharp bend
where the river runs in rapids
I’ll pause for you beside the high rock.
Have faith in the maker of mountains
and just let go. The river is calling.




11 Responses to “Breadcrumbs on a Trail”

  1. Sigridh says:

    Thank you for pausing for me beside the high rock. I’ll be right there with you as I, too, hear the river’s calling!

  2. Eric Dunn says:

    Thank you Don. Beautiful images!

  3. Elizabeth O Nunn says:

    This is clearly the cycle for rest and letting go.
    Thanks for confirming this so beautifully.

  4. David Barnes says:

    Ancient memories drifting through the mist, and the river whispers. I know this trail; I have been here before; I know this way; I know what awaits on the path ahead. And this exquisite poem quickens the pace and lightens the footfall as we move along together. Thank you Don.

  5. lawrence says:

    Don, this is beautiful. I think you captured in poetry where many are today as this transitional period begins to lift the veils. Solitude is needed to be free of the mixed vibrations and one can swim in their own river of awareness with the maker of mountains.

  6. Teddy Gardner says:

    Don, this is a phenomenal poem about letting go and trusting the Divine. Thank you for your continued sharing and inspiration.

  7. Tom Figel says:

    Don, the sentiment in this poem is wise. Thanks.

  8. Eleanor Gill Milner says:

    The river is my front yard. There is a Sufi saying: “If you step in the river at one point and then do it again, it is never the same water”. Love the poem, it is a wise one.

  9. Absolutely brilliant, Don…this is what we all need to hear!

  10. John Walsh says:

    Don- Thank you for this wonderful expression of spirit. It salves mild wounds and abrasions.

  11. Maria Frid says:

    “Have faith in the Maker of mountains”, powerful words to live by! I am so grateful for you and your ability to speak, Spirit!

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