Song for the Children

Sunlight angles from the south
brightening the last autumn leaves,
Earth folding in her beauty,
sending trees back to root,
laying down winter blankets,
freshening every river and stream.
We’re children, busy about our games,
chalking pavement, skipping rope,
the grownup Earth too large, too old.
East of the mountains, the land
brown and rough like elk hide,
grass fields quiet and still.
Over the coast range
ocean raises her skirts
sending dancing waves
to cleanse the stony shore,
begin the long rain.
Outside my window
the flowering cherry
goes down in russet and gold,
eyes slowly blinking before the big sleep.
Inside of me an alleluia rises,
free from the mind maze
and intolerable categories,
ready to sing a farewell to autumn,
welcome the dark melodies of winter.
Fallen leaf, cold stark mountain,
river of glory, this is my song
and I sing it for the children of the earth.



photograph by Rebecca Hynes


9 Responses to “Song for the Children”

  1. Such evocative imagery and sentiments, Don. We are so fortunate to receive your creations every week. Thank you for your Heart made manifest.

  2. WOW! You sure “plugged in” on this one, Don!
    Thanks for inspiring my Sunday…
    In Loving Reverence, Sister T

  3. Jamail McKinney says:

    This is an excellent look at our world today. We fritter away so much when our mission fails to emerge. Times can change, if we but allow it.

  4. Valerie BE says:

    Wonderful work.

  5. Anne Blaney says:

    This is excellent and gorgeous Don. I draw from this the image of the whole autumn world exhaling a sigh as it beds down and enters the space between the great breaths. Stillness. Love this one!!!

  6. Robin C. Bryant says:

    Don .. Exquisite! When artistry meets the innocence of our own memory .. we are truly ‘home’. Your title is inclusive of each of us beyond child. When we live from this place in our own imagination, new life rises up. Allelujah!!

  7. Tom Figel says:

    Hey, what a dismissive and uninformed image of the sensible interior: East of the mountains, the land brown and rough like elk hide. When you venture across the mountains, leave behind your weapons and your food phobias. Bring an appetite for steak.
    Otherwise, a lovely poem, Don.

  8. Doyle says:

    Thank you for the wisdom.

  9. Don:one of your best ones ever!(in my not-so-humble opinion)(smile)

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