Path of Gold

I haven’t yet turned
with the trees,
holding back
against cold air
and blanketing clouds.
Not wanting winter rest
nor root darkness
I struggle for light
as the sun moves south,
before the bath of rain
and darkened cave.
Holding on,
yet knowing
I will follow
the path of gold
and let go
to the waiting earth.




6 Responses to “Path of Gold”

  1. Sweet surrender… eventually. I’m still “hanging on” with you, Brother!

  2. David Barnes says:

    Don, in your words I feel the weight, gravity pull of the Path of Gold, and the Way of Love, which keeps warm the darkening cave and the sacred night — leading once again, inexorably, to the Golden Light of a new day. Thank you for this nugget.

  3. Veronica Lim says:

    Good morning, Don! I believe yesterday was the autumnal equinox. Indeed, fall is extending its invitation to enjoy cooler days and let go to the changing season—indeed a golden time in which to rejoice. Thank you!

  4. Time to let go!(smile)

  5. Rose Meeker says:

    Lovely, Don. The moment of suspension…

  6. Bob keller says:

    Shorter daylight , cold creeps closer and bolder toyou.
    Bolder to stare at you like a wolf that missed some previous meals.
    See the sunglow, keep on, keeping on Donnie !

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