Kindness Like a River

Night slowly retreats
as moon and stars set
while in the east light shines
through a hole in the clouds.
Time is on the march
or so we’ve thought;
behind the ticking clocks
imagination fuels the way,
crushing each gate of limitation,
laughing at the notions
of heaven afar.
Heaven is kindness
waiting like a river
for us to join and flow
through the canyons
of time and place,
returning once more
the human blessing.
If we visit distant worlds,
seeking something
far and away
they who live
in the vast brilliance
will only smile
and ask what we have made
of garden Earth,
how we have tended
our home among the stars.




8 Responses to “Kindness Like a River”

  1. Eric Dunn says:

    Gorgeous imagery!

  2. Jack Lavelle says:

    “If we visit distant worlds,
    seeking something
    far and away
    they who live
    in the vast brilliance
    will only smile…”

    Before they shout “Get off my fucking lawn!”

    OOPS! Wrong planet.

    Really, I see at least two poems brewing here. The first being the beginning, of course, ending with “Heaven is kindness….returning once more the human blessing.”

    The second is the interplanetary voyage.

    No charge.

  3. Tony Palombo says:

    I love this poem as it speaks to our blind ignoring of the sacred abundance under our feet. I find it prophetic as well as karmic that men have Mars in their sights for exploration. One may well wonder what karmic memory spurs us on to visit a planet that has obviously been desecrated and rendered barren and uninhabitable. I have little doubt by whom, other than those who think nothing of spending billions of dollars on space travel while ignoring their repetitive plundering, this time of our home among the stars.

  4. A question well worth asking.
    The secret of the centuries , the path to liberation and key to the universe,
    Kindness knows all.

  5. Good question! What HAVE we made of the garden Earth…not a good report card!

  6. Rich says:

    Thank you Don for your gifts. Today as we are sipping incredible tea here in Darjeeling, your words have sweetened the start of a new day on the other side of the globe!

  7. Tom Figel says:

    Don, I like Jack Lavelle’s comment for the insight into Jack and I like the poem for the insight into you.

  8. David Barnes says:

    Thank you, Don

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