Hummingbird Wings

I scan the water like eagle,
looking for the tide within the tide,
her presence in the sea.
When she asks what I want
I say to be here
and she smiles,
finding beauty in the wave,
knowledge in silence,
joy on hummingbird wings.



photograph by Cedric Fox


5 Responses to “Hummingbird Wings”

  1. David Barnes says:

    Precise and potent Don. Her transparent joy — She smiles and eye open to eternal Presence.

  2. Keith says:

    Knowledge in the silence
    The world needs THIS knowledge more than ever.
    This is how the transformation happens.

  3. Elizabeth O Nunn says:

    And wisdom in silence.

  4. Jay Schwartz says:

    Don: Precise, simple, illuminating.

    And, The Irish Girl is a work of wisdom and grace. Not a comma should ever be changed.

  5. Yes, wisdom in the silence.

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