To the Horizon

There may be a day
more promising than today
sometime in the future
but why wait?
We look to the rising,
put sails to the wind
though weather be dark
and ominous.
This craft of ours
sturdy yet slight,
carries faith as fuel,
direction by the stars.
Our ropes strain and break
yet we mend on and continue.
Of course we can be foolish,
commanded by a higher regard,
but we find currents
to guide past shoals,
winds to steer into open water.
Storm fronts will not deter,
nor the lack of safe harbor.
There is a port
sketched on the map
we carry in our hearts.
To the horizon we sail.




9 Responses to “To the Horizon”

  1. Don…I LOVE this one…it speaks to the optimism of spirit, undaunted by the waves of hatred and fear.

  2. It’s all about courage… and leaps of faith. Some days I soar… others, cower & quake.

  3. Eric Dunn says:


  4. John Gray says:

    Unafraid to catch the wind, and the unseen port awaits…
    Brilliant, Don!

  5. Raventalk says:

    ~ I’ve been listening to the clouds of late ~ Your words are imbued with their essence ~
    Thank You ~

  6. Pat Fitzsimmons says:

    Just awesome Don, the irrepressible spirit of life sails on, one moment at a time, as our hearts remain open to catch the wind

  7. Veronica Lim says:

    Don, I love this poem. I think it carries a similar magical essence that drew me to “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy. Nevertheless, your poem stands fully on its own, perfect in and of itself. Thank you.

  8. Maria Frid says:

    We carry the directions, the map, in our heart! Thank you for this beautiful reminder, Don!

  9. Virginia Schoen says:

    I love this!!! You get better & better & dearer.

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