Thawing the Hardness

Ice forms at night and the old fear rises,

memory of dark and bitter cold,

feeling not death but survival

and all we did to stay alive

when life was only suffering;

men and women like iron,

the only sound wind and bitter voices;

dawn spreads now from the east,

morning come to replace the shadows,

thawing with a breath of new light

and the kindness fear obscures,

the gift that really saw us through.


9 Responses to “Thawing the Hardness”

  1. Athena Coleman says:

    There is amazing depth and power in this piece. I will be with it for awhile yet.

  2. Bill Dare says:

    Energetically just what I’m experiencing in a good way, my Brother.

  3. Thanks Don, this speaks to me of ancient times, past life in the Kali Yuga age, touching the Archetypical memories of mine, not quite in focus. I do not long for those “good old days”. Rather , I am grateful for these days of friendship, laughter, and the love of family and community. I appreciate the reminder of the beauty of this day- a glorious one it is.

  4. Lloyd Meeker says:

    Kindness turns lead to gold. The alchemical secret was under our noses all along!

    Beautiful poem, Don – thank you for your wisdom. Your steady generosity nourishes me.

  5. David Banner says:

    This theme is so current with me…..the hardening just to survive….now a melting into softness and yieldedness….what a relief! Great poem, my friend.

  6. The night before finding this poem, my dreams were besot with memories of the past when, with heart quite protected and somewhat closed, I handled situations not well. Instant replays of those painful times were stopped when I lovingly commanded my mind to come into stillness. The stubborn ones I just handed over to Spirit and let go. Kindness comes in many forms seen in new light.
    Thank you for reminding me I am not alone in forgiving myself for surviving.

  7. pii Chaii says:

    Scene yesterday evening: partner intense, trying to sleep it off on the sofa; daughter feeling remorse, online with her Facebook community. Mother and daughter are out of agreement over a curfew violation. I am standing in the kitchen twilight, wanting to leave, to be out of their energy. No ice is frostier than beings withholding their love!

    I breathe as I stare at the door to the family room. No! I AM come to serve, to not be governed by hardness; rather, to continually yield to lightness of Being, no matter what….to be true to an ancient Thai cultural saying, “mai pen rai.” (It doesn’t matter; it’s not what’s important). I went in, and to the daughter, putting my arm around her shoulders, I said softly with a smile, “be happy.” She smiled. Then, I went to her mother, gave her a blessing and foot massage, then kissed her brow and returned to my task. The larger task of basking survival in the warmth of my living once more fulfilled in a detail of human affairs.

  8. jean martens says:

    now in a cabin looking out on mountains, watching snow come, heaters up all the way, feeling isolated but also wanting to be, questioning and not knowing, grateful for the surprise ending of the poem, yes

  9. Ron Laws says:

    Walking away from many of the comforts that I have known
    A longing to return attached to each – stirs voices of saddnesss

    As I rest between breaths
    Sitting on the rim of an icy canyon – wanting to walk away from the cold induced pain

    My Siberian Husky friend for many years sings in this weather – not moving from the cold – he moves into it – I learn

    Your words touch this place of eternal comfort

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