Only This Life

I’ve shaped wood
into the soft curve
of tapered molding
and myself
into a rough hewn beam
to support the weight
of generations.
Resting on the columns
of all who went before
I hold up the roof
for those coming.
Look into the well of life,
the mirror of your heart.
There is only this life.
Why serve the infidel?



photograph by Willard Walch


12 Responses to “Only This Life”

  1. Veronica Lim says:

    Good morning, dear Don,

    I feel life’s vast continuum through your words, and am immediately reminded of a beautiful quote from the naturalist and environmentalist, John Muir, which appeared recently on the back of the memorial program for my love of the past 16 years, Robert G. Bailey.

    “Let children walk with nature, let them see the beautiful blendings and communions of death and life, their joyous inseparable unity, as taught in woods and meadows, plains and mountains and streams of our blessed star, and they will learn that death is stingless indeed, and as beautiful as life, and that the grave has no victory, for it never fights. All is Divine harmony.”

  2. David Banner says:

    Yes, why indeed??

  3. Rose Meeker says:

    I love this:

    and myself
    into a rough hewn beam
    to support the weight
    of generations.
    Resting on the columns
    of all who went before
    I hold up the roof
    for those coming.


  4. Bill Dare says:

    The final question seems superfluous to me, Don. Unless I am the infidel as I read the poem out loud, and I choose to release such judgements in my life, Brother.

  5. Elizabeth Nunn says:

    I choose to let this be a gift and not a burden.
    Although it can, on occasion, and when I’m honest, flip back and forth.
    Still, I choose gift.

  6. Ravenstalk says:

    ~ Opinions Vary ~ Love the question ~ Love the Message ~ Love your words ~ Thank You 🙏 ~

  7. Eric Dunn says:

    Thank you. There is one life.

  8. David Barnes says:

    Don, your words proclaim fidelity to the eternal way of life we all may know and share in greater fullness – generation upon generation of fidelity to the Shaper of wood and stone, of flesh and blood, of sound and light. With gratitude for the Master Shaper of these invisible essences, hewn into the words of this poem that you now share with us all – such generosity of giving and receiving evident here on this page!

  9. John Albright says:

    Don,The yoke is easy and the burden is light. The well of life provides what’s needed.

  10. Maria Frid says:

    How easily life changes when you deeply realize that, ‘ I am the author of my life and I choose to be forever grateful.’ That realization with it’s actions that follow, allows for the momentum to switch and for others to more easily affix to the vibrational shift…… thus the infidel begins to have no validity! Thank you my friend, for your authorship of this knowledge.

  11. Mary Taylor Goforth says:

    Lovely. Thank you Don!

  12. Pat Fitzsimmons says:

    Don, I’ve read this poem a few times this week and it feeds my soul each time. Each of us carries the gold and grief of our lineage. It’s an honor and a weighty task at times. Somehow grace has gifted us with the awareness of our place in the eternal web of life. Thank you brother 🙏

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