When You Find Me

Blessings come slowly
like soft light
in early morning
or the dimming skies
of nightfall.
Prayers are heard
and answers given
though they rise
in their own time
like the crocuses in spring.
I wait in the earth,
the long winter dark
my old friend.
Extend your faith
to the deepest roots
and when you find me
below the soft wet soil
drink deep.



photograph by Sandra M. Jensen


9 Responses to “When You Find Me”

  1. Tom Figel says:

    Don, thoughtful, lovely, true. Thanks.

  2. Lloyd Meeker says:

    Soul nourishment. Thanks, Don.

  3. What a wonderful image, Don…bravo!

    Kudos to you AND Mary Oliver……

  4. Maria Frid says:

    Drink deep, extend your faith……..yes! Not a day goes by that the blessings aren’t present, how good to firmly commit to acknowledge each and every one of them Sending love to you, Don, for the beautiful invocation!

  5. patrick says:

    On the mark Don!

  6. Bill Crosman says:

    I didn’t realize how thirsty I was
    till I read these words.
    Thank you, Don, for your gifts to us.

  7. Sam Muller says:

    The Divine Light is with YOU, Brother…
    memories of an Emmisary Men’s Retreat
    You and Will hosted in ‘96 or ‘97—
    12 of Us entered the meeting room through
    A tree bough tunnel, referencing an
    “Innitiatory experience”, into the sacred circle—
    and the experiences You led us through…
    Got Your blog-spot from Maxine Lathrop
    who, with Rick, have become Spirit Friends
    of the First Unitarian Family here in
    Portland…. YES, I would like to receive Your
    Poet’s blog however often You are inspired
    to submit….. Sam Muller (aka Jnanasri—
    caretaker and 7 year resident of a VEDANTA Ashram
    in Portland…

  8. Virginia Schoen says:

    I loved your imagery. We both loved this one. Thanks Don

  9. david barnes says:

    Once again, thank you Don. Strong and lovely.

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