Crazy Enough

Birds below the winter sky,
their wings etched in black
against the thick gray blanket.
In leafless months they’re visible
in rooks and nesting branches
as they come and go in the wet morning.
Their patterns marked above
the crowded street, where cars
move in straight lines, the birds
cover and cross by their own desire.
I weave them together in my thoughts,
always the knitter of the frayed edge
and contrary force.
Peace chiefs of the great prairie
offered this prayer during the horror,
when the buffalo were ridden down,
the grass altar torn apart.
Warriors said our prayers were crazy
but the old woman told us
we were not crazy enough.


(for William Stafford)





17 Responses to “Crazy Enough”

  1. Eleanor Gill Milner says:

    Don, this is an amazing photo and I like how you phrased your insights.

  2. Viki Von Fumetti says:

    We are NOT crazy enough. <3

  3. Eric Dunn says:

    Thank you!

  4. Lloyd Meeker says:

    We cannot survive without living in balance with all our relations. Crazy wisdom seems the only viable answer to rapacious madness.
    Thank you, Don.

  5. Roger Thomas says:

    You frame my thoughts for the following days; thank you.

  6. Rose Meeker says:

    Beautiful, Don. I like the imagery of the cars moving in straight lines with the birds moving overhead by their own desire. A touching poem.

  7. Elizabeth Nunn says:

    Crazy enough to long for the ley lines to be honored by humans as they are by the birds and bison.

  8. David Barnes says:

    Don, what a marvellous role and function this image casts: “always the knitter of the frayed edge and contrary force” – weaving it all back into a seamless garment in swirling patterns of living cloth – and the the owl just winked at me – crazy, perfectly crazy!

  9. I agree…we are not crazy enough!!!!

  10. Tom Figel says:

    A very good one, Don. Clever.

  11. Veronica Lim says:

    Don, I love this picture. It took me a few moments to realize I was seeing two babies with their mother. The camouflage is marvelous. The last portion of your accompanying poem is a bit enigmatic for me, but I like it nonetheless. Thank you!

  12. BEYOND POWERFUL! When we strive to live authentically, true to our own unique Original Medicine nature, anyone who doesn’t allow this in themselves, views us as “crazy.” I consider this a great compliment!
    Your Crazy Sister, T

  13. Allen Guisinger says:

    Thank you, Don. We just finished building many nest boxes for screech, barn and barred owls here in Texas. Part of our Texas Master Naturalist program. So I loved the photo.

  14. Sylvia McAfee says:

    OH my… the picture is ‘wonderful’ As are your words and expression.

  15. William Comer says:

    Crazy took me to marvelous experiences and places in this lifetime. Fear didn’t have a chance talk me out of them. But, boldness might not be crazy enough…

  16. Marco Menato says:

    I loved it. Amazing how the word “crazy” becomes the entry-key to hidden dimensions.

  17. Jamail says:

    The normal is dull and lifeless; The Crazy is what is needed in this world now

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