Hollow Reeds

Clear night
with dry cold
and east wind,
change coming
in quiet steps
as last leaves fall,
bare branches stir.
Fullness past
we may empty
with the earth,
hollow reeds
for winter music.





9 Responses to “Hollow Reeds”

  1. Lloyd Meeker says:

    Beautiful, Don — with the Solstice past, I feel a new wind bringing its winter music. May it purify, and heal.

  2. Pichay says:

    Ah-h-h…the sound of silence. Thank you, Don.

  3. May I be a hollow reed…..

  4. Steve Goetz says:

    Nice imagery, Don.

  5. Steve Goetz says:

    Nice imagery, just like being along Salmon creek.

  6. tom wilson says:

    Lovely poem, as always from your hand.

    Have a blessed New Year, dear friend.

  7. Veronica Lim says:

    Beautiful image, Don, hollow reeds for winter music. It stirs in me a sense of deep, peaceful surrender, allowing the music to flow lyrically through me, and out into the ether.

  8. David Barnes says:

    the One who breathes the music through this hollow reed called me, thanks you Don

  9. Bill Dare says:

    So open to and for winter, Don… Thank you, Brother.

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